MUSICAN is an Audio-Player and organizer for Windows operating systems supporting most common audio formats.

At developing much effort was spent to simplify handling, clear arrangement and fast selection of songs. With just a single key or two mouse clicks you can add a single title, a complete album or all songs of an artist to the internal playlist without the need to navigate through different views, tiny windows or lists.

Your Audio-library will be presented in a central list where you can filter the content by artist, album, genre, song rating or own collections.

Choosing songs from a list which may contain several thousands of titles isn’t generally a joy… you scroll up, down and up again… finally you pick the usual stuff because you maybe busy with other things or simply don’t have a mind to decide. Other players trying to solve that with sophisticated functions called intelligent playlists, smart playlists and so on but do they work fine?

Activating the shuffle function isn’t really a satisfying solution for that… Doesn’t have anybody a whole slew of songs in his library where listening to it on rare opportunities only?

Musican solves this with user defined collections. You can map any title to an arbitrary group. A title can be a member of more than one group/Collection. As an example you have a song of Gary Moore and add this to the collection named “Great Guitar”. You can add the same song to a further collection named “Romantic”.
Depending on your mood you can choose now the matching collection and get only the containing titles displayed. Switch on the shuffle mode all titles where played over and over again. By the way, the shuffle mode never repeats a song before any other displayed song was played. Without shuffle mode you can add the desired songs to the playlist.
Comparing to the usual approach to map a title to a single genre only Musicans Collection are much more flexible!


Here some other features of Musican in short:


Help for musicians

Musicians will be supported with a loop editor to create A/B loops for repeating parts. The playback speed and the pitch of a song can be adapted independent from each other.

Privacy protection

Many commercial providers of mp3 music like Amazon add digital watermarks with information about your purchase. These data is personal and can be traced back from the rights holder!

Thinking losing my MP3 player one day in a train and getting mail from the right holder later because the finder uploaded it to file sharing networks makes me feel bad. I doubt that this case would actually have legal consequences, but I better play it safe.
Apart from the possible legal problems I encounter some system-wide technical curiosity with files containing these informations.
Musican can detect these watermarks, display included information and also remove upon request. However, this must not be used to ignore the rights of the holder and to spread the MP3s illegal!

Android App

With Musican-Remote volume and player functions can be remotely controlled from your smart phone. Musican-Remote is available for free at Google Play .

Portable installation

Musican is available as a standard installation package or as a zip file. Both versions save files or settings in own directory only. The installer stores only a link in the Start menu and on the desktop. The choice is yours.

Network Compatible

Starting from a network drive or a NAS works fine.

Asus Xonar

Owner of an Asus Xonar D2 sound card can control the card equalizer directly from Musican.